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ZW32-12 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker

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iyi kalite Lockable Gas Spring satış için
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ZW32-12 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker

Çin ZW32-12 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker Tedarikçi

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Place of Origin: Hubei wuhan
Marka adı: Wuhan Sandi
Model Number: ZW32-12
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◇ Profile
ZW32-12 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker applies to the rated frequency 50Hz, rated voltage of 12kV distribution lines as points, co-load current, overload current and short circuit current.It can also be used in other similar places, available for the Urban District 12kV grid segment switch. It can also be outdoor vacuum recloser and distribution automation control devices subsection.
ZW32-12 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker in vacuum interrupter, Silastic and air-insulated.It has no oil, no gas, breaking capacity, safety and reliability, long electric life, frequent operation, less maintenance and so on.
This product meets the following standards and specifications:
GB1984 "AC high voltage circuit breakers" equal BS EN 62271-100-2002 EN 62271-100-2001
GB11022 "General technical requirements of high-voltage switchgear"
GB311.1 "high voltage power transmission equipment insulation coordination"
DL/T593 "high-voltage switchgear shared orders technical conditions"
DL/T402 "AC high voltage circuit breaker orders technical conditions "
◇Model defined
◇Working conditions
1.The ambient air temperature of -40 ℃ ~+40 ℃.
2.Elevation does not exceed 1000m.
3.The pressure does not exceed 700Pa (equivalent to wind speed 34m/s).
4.The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees.

◇The main features
1.Circuit breaker three-phase pillars imported epoxy resin solid insulation, has the advantages of high resistance, low temperature, UV resistance, resistance to aging.
2.Circuit breaker by the three-phase backbone and operating mechanism box, simple structure.
3.Circuit breaker has the characteristics of combustion and explosion hazards, safety, maintenance-free, small size, light weight and long service life, etc..
4.Circuit breaker spring actuator miniaturization,Low energy consumption and closing institution transmission output spindle sliding, no torque loss, and closing transmission parts and high reliability.
5.Circuit breaker uses a fully enclosed structure, airtight performance, moisture-proof, anti-condensation performance, adaptation in the high, cool, damp areas.
6.Circuit breaker can be equipped with manual or electric operation mechanism.
7.Circuit breaker equipped with current transformers, current transformers up to three groups ratio.
8.Installation of the circuit breaker can be the installation of a single shot or double-pole installation.
◇The main technical parameters

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