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Shenzhen Automotive Gas Springs Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of gas spring. TY range of products include: Gas Springs, Gas Struts, Dampers, Locking Gas Springs, and Tension Gas Springs. Seamless steel, ...
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Production Line Profile Our experienced and enthusiastic staff combined with an extensive product range, we have become a leading manufacturer of gas spring. TY people have continuously tried to improve product quality; ...
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QC Profile QC/Technical Support Our company was established in 2002, and we have many years of experience in the gas spring industry. Our 1,200 square meters gas spring manufacturing facility is Located in Guangzhou, we ...
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Adres : BJ China Automotive Gas Springs Online Market
İş telefonu :
86-187-3344-2210(Çalışma Zamanı)
86-189-9191-6321(Çalışma dışı zaman)
Faks : 86-187-1871-1052